We are proud to announce the go live of our official website for the Poverty Stoplight Office in South Africa. The website will serve to promote and inform readers about our movement and tell the stories of organisations using the Poverty Stoplight approach and achieving real impact on families in poverty.

For the moment the site serves as a simple front-end portal of information and the ability to contact the behind-the-scenes leaders. Within the next few weeks, we will be building onto the site to include back-end membership and blog functionality. This will allow registered members to log on, get access to our geo-spatial tool, view case studies, and access training material and reports. There will be several levels of membership, each with their own security clearance and permissions for accessing our tools and data. Exciting stuff!

The Poverty Stoplight Office SA wishes you a fabulous 2016! May your change theories come true and your year be filled with plenty of laughter and learning.

Laura Bergh

Project Lead, Poverty Stoplight Office SA

Cape Town