Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Is there a minimum level of education or background that you require from a facilitator who will conduct the surveys?
What are our options regarding facilitators, the people who are going to do the surveys? What if we don't have access to people who have the right kind of background to do this work?
Are there any lessons learnt that you could share around what type of facilitators would be successful versus those that have been unsuccessful?
For the PS Facilitators that are employees, what is their capacity in terms of the number of interviews they can do per week?
What is an acceptable lag after the programme has started for the baseline assessment to be conducted? (i.e. is it still ok if the baseline assessment is only conducted 2 or 3 months after the programme/intervention starts?)
With regards to the once-off PS facilitator training, is there any way that we could do a train the trainer session? If we were to need 50 trained PS Facilitators at scale for example, would we be able to have someone trained in-house to train all subsequent facilitators that joined us?
How can I apply to become a trained PS Facilitator? And can I be listed on the database for Poverty Stoplight work?
What is involved in becoming a PS Facilitator? What will I be required to do?
I have other indicators and questions that I would like to add to the PS survey. Is this possible?
If we are experiencing issues or challenges with a specific indicator in the survey, what should we do? For example, our beneficiaries are struggling to understand the question about access to credit facilities.
Are there restrictions about what this tool can be used for?
Are there restrictions about who can or should use this tool?
Do I have to become a Member of the Poverty Stoplight Movement in order to access the tool?
What are the ‘rules’ around sharing data?
How is the data treated regarding confidentiality? If we become a Member, who can see the data?