We welcome Caleb Belanger and Samuel Ares from New Leaf Development as a member joining the Poverty Stoplight Movement.

New Leaf Development is a non profit whose mission is to empower local entrepreneurs to spark social, economic, and spiritual transformation within their communities. Run by Caleb Belanger and Samuel Ares, this new start-up desires to become a resource that comes alongside entrepreneurs to provide technical knowledge, technical skills, and spiritual growth.

New Leaf Dev has two main focuses – enabling entrepreneurial people and building mentorship capabilities and capacity in disadvantaged communities. To this end, they are going to pilot Poverty Stoplight in their new programmes to see just how far the needle of transformation is moving. This will inform their efforts and allow them to tweak their offering for increased impact. They are also hoping that Poverty Stoplight will assist them in recruiting the right kind of people onto their programmes. They believe strongly in partnerships and are currently investigating teaming up with Poverty Stoplight member organisations to capitalise on synergies.