We welcome Kate Bain and her team from Izulu Orphan Projects as a member joining the Poverty Stoplight Movement.

Izulu Orphan Projects (IOP) is an NPO servicing orphans, HIV-positive widows with children, and surrounding communities. The communities are suffering under the weight of illness (particularly HIV), poverty, unemployment, lack of quality education, and insufficient infrastructure. Over the years, IOP has had a total of 1801 orphans in 783 households registered on their programme. Their main offerings include education, feeding, sewing courses, computer courses, and church services.

Orphan numbers have been declining on the IOP programme over the last few years due to the fact that when orphans have finished school, they are not choosing to study further and their situation remains unsustainable. IOP want to use Poverty Stoplight to try and understand the poverty mentality that holds these orphan households from progressing and becoming self-sustaining. They also recognize that the ‘hand-out’ approach is only enabling these families to remain poor and want to encourage their beneficiaries to own their journeys out of poverty and strive for a life of dignity and independence.