We welcome Ilze, Herman and the team from Community Action Partnership (CAP) as a member joining the Poverty Stoplight Movement.

Community Action Partnership (CAP) is a non profit where the main purpose is to give people in Swellendam communities hope and to build resilient family units. They have a grass roots presence in their beneficiaries’ life spaces (work, play, home) and are positioned to do training in hard and soft skills, place people in jobs, create income generating opportunities, address values, mentor and build social cohesion among developmental role-players.

CAP have a number of programmes currently running within the Swellendam communities and are keen to pilot Poverty Stoplight in 100 households of schoolchildren they engage with as well as their own employees. This will inform them as to the real needs on the ground and assist CAP in tweaking their programme design for maximum impact. They are also particularly interested in measuring behavioral movement of people on their programmes and how this manifests in 12 month periods.