We welcome Andrew Millson and the team from Food Lover’s Market as a member joining the Poverty Stoplight Movement.

Food Lover’s Market (FLM) is part of the Fruit & Veg City company, a family retail business with a vision to create a store that resembles a marketplace of old, where farmers bring their fresh produce from their farms to be sold to the public, dedicated to freshness at affordable prices. Food Lover’s Market is a modern eatery where food enthusiasts can indulge in a range of gourmet foods – a stylish and modern food emporium.

FLM has a progressive Sustainability Strategy, with their people (employees) as the central theme. They have been working through ways to identify how best they can understand their staff, including the underlying social issues facing many of their staff in their day to day lives outside of work. FLM is ready to analyse and explore key and common issues, proactively build programmes to support their staff in improving the quality of their lives, and continue to build a culture based on the family values that they, as a business, stand for.