Poverty Stoplight SA

A movement towards poverty eradication in South Africa

Poverty Stoplight is an approach that helps people progress out of poverty by empowering them to understand and map their own choices. It encourages households to participate and own their journeys out of poverty, and provides a clear line of sight of how to get there; at the same time allowing organisations delivering support to measure progress against their programme objectives.

It has opened our eyes to what is really happening in the community. Once you know this, you can really start helping the people … and we’ve now noticed a lot of things we’ve never known about our community”
Chery Abrahams, PS Facilitator, Learning In Reach

“We have no idea what goes on in people’s lives …and we had no way of finding this out until we came across Poverty Stoplight. Up till then, there had been a lot of assumptions made about people’s lives. At the end of each (survey) session, it seemed really positive and empowering … more of a celebration than anything else. It’s changed the way we see each other. You can feel the difference when you walk into a store that has had Love My Journey (PS) and one that hasn’t. The energy is different. They become accountable to each other. It’s changed the dynamic
– Kate Marais, CSI Manager, Food Lover’s Market

Poverty Stoplight acts as a mirror to those issues discussed in our Life Skills sessions … being reflected and played back to our beneficiaries in real life. We are excited to understand what individual poverty looks like … and at family level … to see those shifts as we teach people to become economically active, but focusing strongly on healing”
– Aleks Jablonska, Project Manager, Learn to Earn

“People are actually using PS results in their day to day lives. Individuals have taken much more ownership of their lives. They are making plans and changing what they don’t like
–  Funeka Plaatjie-Njobeni, independent coach

“This last financial year, when we had to do our annual financial report, it was the easiest annual report we’ve ever done, because we had so much data. When you can quote that the women on your programme are taking home (amount), that’s music to your donors ears … you can extract data quickly in real statistical terms and be able to present that to any interested party”
– Tracey Chambers, CEO, The Clothing Bank

Poverty Stoplight word cloud

Listen Up!

And yes, JHB had their first Forum session on 25 June 2018 with 11 orgs attending! Orgs using the Poverty Stoplight tool met in a “closed forum” to discuss challenges, insights, lessons learned, as well as debate what’s working and what isn’t regarding social impact for their respective programmes. Thanks for sharing so honestly and openly, JHB.

We salute: DevCom, SAPPI, WDB Trust, Jewels of Hope, Afrika Tikkun, Refilwe, Vastfontein Community Transformation, Black Umbrellas, Harambee, Technoserve, Africa Foundation

It was great to hear all the wonderful feedback” – Jewels of Hope

We are learning so much!” – WDB Trust

Our Members

  • The Clothing Bank
  • Business Activator
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • FoodForward South Africa
  • Beautiful Gate
  • Shonaquip and Uhambo Foundation
  • Drakenstein Foundation
  • Learn to Earn
  • Church Alliance for Social Transformation (CAST)
  • Container World
  • DevCom
  • Food Lover’s Market
  • Westlake United Church Trust
  • Izulu Orphan Projects
  • New Leaf Development
  • Sappi Southern Africa Ltd
  • Timbali Flower Growers
  • Township Patterns
  • Belgotex Floorcoverings (Pty) Ltd
  • Ranyaka Community Investment Managers
  • Jewels of Hope
  • The WDB Trust
  • Bowler Plastics (Pty) Ltd
  • Afrika Tikkun
  • Learning In Reach
  • Fair Trade Trust
  • The Sustainability Institute
  • Refilwe Community Project
  • Heartbeat – Centre for Community Development
  • TLP Services
  • uThungulu Community Foundation
  • Seed of Hope
  • Pinotage Youth Development Academy
  • Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Endowment
  • Fix Forward
  • Careerlinx Empowerment Solutions
  • Vastfontein Community Transformation
  • African Beekeeper Trust
  • Sinapi biomedical (Pty) Ltd
  • Domino Foundation
  • Fisantekraal Centre for Development
  • gold Youth Development Agency (gold-youth)
  • Black Umbrellas
  • Africa Co-operative Action Trust (ACAT)
  • Africa Foundation
  • TechnoServe
  • Harambee
  • Rural Development Support Programme
  • Mosiamise

Hello 2018!


United Nations selects Poverty Stoplight!

Sa Impact Map

View our new Impact Map … it’s a game-changer!

We are very pleased to be able to display the results of the work our members are doing. As every survey conducted has a geo-reference, we are now able to map the responses of households surveyed, per indicator.

“The Poverty Stoplight tool has been introduced nationally to all branches of TCB and it has exceeded all expectations. We are delighted. We now do home visits with each family (during the recruitment phase) and have integrated this tool into our programme. We have seen significant changes in the way families are taking responsibility for their own journeys out of poverty and are encouraged by the results we are observing.”

CEO, The Clothing Bank

“When TCB came to do the Poverty Stoplight, it was good because my 18-year-old daughter was there to answer some questions, and it helped her to feel part of it. My business is doing well and I am achieving my goals that I set in coaching when we looked at my Stoplight colours.”

Unemployed Mother on The Clothing Bank programme

“Poverty Stoplight provides us with a roadmap on how to engage further with focused inputs and priorities. By understanding our clients better - their poverty situation, their real needs - we are able to design and use our programmes in such a way that we optimise impact and assist our clients in eradicating poverty from their lives.”

Business Builder Programme Manager, The Business Place, Phillipi